The Odyssey of a Job-Seeker in Italy

I graduated from University in June 2014 with full marks 110/110. My mum died and I was depressed also I was in a situation whereas I was in desperate need of a job because I had to support myself entirely. Although my mum died, I thought that the future could still be bright as I had graduated with full marks and I believed that I could land a great job. I started applying to different companies but none replied. Nevertheless I kept my moral up and I told myself that I would have landed a job at the upcoming University Career fair. The fair was to be held in November. I made myself enjoying the beautiful summer days spending long time outside enjoying the sun and dedicating myself to jogging all over the city. The fair came in November and I distributed the curricula to the companies present. But nothing. None hired me. It is important to say tha I am 33 years old (but I am well qualified) because before starting University here I spent sometimes abroad. Needless to say I regret coming back. I left Italy to begin with because I was scared that I would have not found a job upon graduating from University here. And I was right, at least this is wha it seems so far. Now looking back I consider myself stupid to have reasoned in such a way because perhaps had I graduated at 24 years old, as everyone else, I would have landed a job straight away as my friends did since there  are incentives to hire yourng people but I thought that I would have been able to live abroad and that it would have been easier to live abroad than in Italy. I would have had better chances and opportunities in terms of jobs and a more fulfilling career. As of now, I was lucky enough to be able to give private lessons and to work as a baby-sitter but how long will it last? I live week by week hoping that something would chance and I know that it is the best thing I can do. I hope to find at least more temporary jobs to support myself but what happened to my expectations, my dreams, my hopes? Why should they be crashed ? Also, how long can I support myself in this way? Sometimes, I get really depressed and I become anxious. This should  not happen but to it is not easy to avoid anxiety. I spend my free time reading and I go to bed early and I wake up early in the morning. It is the best thing I can do to handle the present situation.